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Legendary. Distinctive. Exceptional.

Marco Polo commented about this wonderful spirit in his 13th century travelogue, Il Milione, forever documenting it as a legendary beverage, and the predecessor to nearly every new world spirit.

Variations abound, but the purest, single-ingredient spirit remains exclusively handcrafted in the island nation of Sri Lanka. White Lion teams with Sri Lanka's oldest and most prestigious distillery to introduce VSOA. A spirit so unique, it has never been offered outside their island.

Handcrafted by refining 700 years of knowledge handed down from generations of master artisans, VSOA is a premiere blend of single and double-distilled spirits mellowed 2 years in Halmilla barrels.

Experience the most widely-requested, legendary taste of WHITE LION VSOA.

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Product of Sri Lanka. 36.8% alc./vol. coconut spirits with caramel color. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Produced by Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka, PLC. Imported by White Lion Imports, LLC. Woodland Hills, CA.

Arrack vs. Arak

World's oldest distilled spirit.

Shortly after its discovery, alcohol distillation was quickly copied by multiple countries in Asia and the Middle East. Each country created a uniquely-flavored spirit with native ingredients, but named their spirits with phonetically similar spellings of the same word (arak, arrack, raki, araka, etc.)

The most widely-known arracks include just three...ALL TASTE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Very Special Old Arrack is our distiller's premium blend of coconut arrack sold in Sri Lanka. In the US, alcohol labeling laws restrict use of the word arrack to only spirits made with aniseed.

White Lion uses the product initials V-S-O-A to fully comply with US law.

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Handcrafted since 1913

Naturally-fermented, double-distilled.

Each day at dawn, men called tappers move swiftly among the tops of Sri Lanka's famed coconut trees. Balancing on ropes 80 feet above the ground, the tappers traverse from tree to tree, hand selecting the purest of neera - nectar from unopened coconut flowers.

Natural fermentation begins immediately, transforming the neera into a mildly alcoholic beverage known as toddy. In just 4 hours, the toddy will be collected from dozens of trees, quality tested and transported in wooden wash backs for distillation in traditional pot and continuous stills.

VSOA then begins a remarkable transformation, mellowing 2 years in barrels of native Halmilla wood, before final blending by master artisans with over 700 years of family experience.

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Distilled from a single ingredient.

Most distilled spirits require massive farms to produce their needed ingredients (grains, potatoes, sugarcane). Continuously plowing, fertilizing, irrigating and harvesting lead to predictable results.

Coconut trees live for 60 years or longer, growing a continuous supply of our only ingredient - flower nectar. Nature's fertile soil and abundant rainfall in Sri Lanka ensures each tree provides over 300 liters of nectar every year - all without human intervention.

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Buy online and ship to most states.

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